Friday, February 27, 2009

The Fairness Doctrine

Obama is on his personally-charted narcissistic course to be Dictator of the United States of America. Would he and complicit Democrats behave any differently than if he really were a Dictator?

If you think this is a bit hysterical, take another look. When he campaigned, he telegraphed every intention he had: redistribution of wealth (socialism), nationalized health "care" (an oxymoron if ever there was one), the nationalization of every possible facet of society (banks, lending institutions, schools) and of the private sector, "energy" revamping which will regulate businesses dry,and above all, the confiscation of guns and the silencing of dissent (read back-door entre` to fairness doctrine).

What hasn't yet happened from the above, will and soon. And there is more: Obama wants control of the media, a private "security force", the elimination of school-choice, totally unencumbered abortions, at any stage of pregnancy and so on.
While I'm not yet convinced that President Obama is even smart enough to be driving this lunacy, I am completely confident that the power-mad Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Kennedy, Dodd and Schumer know EXACTLY what they are trying to do...
Next, the pulpits will be silenced because of what the Democrat Party determines is "hate speech.


  1. I had to use my decoder mouse...but I was able to read it...very interesting method used for a Censorship Doctrine article.

    Just in case anyone is wondering...the text is must highlight it to read it as the text color is black. ;)

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