Saturday, February 14, 2009

Liberials, Do not let this country down!

Liberals, Progressive’s, Democrats, Obama Worshipers, Pelosi Porkers, Reid Morons and the rest! Get your "liberal" rhetoric off my blog.
My comments usually piss off all liberals, some bloggers even call their blogs CONSERVATIVE BLOGS yet they are read and have a overwhelming amout of extreme liberals ranting and raving all over the place. The fact is that our brave men and women in uniform are not only kicking ass and taking names; but also dying on foreign land, thousands of miles away from their homes, so that these misguided liberals can exercise their constitutionally protected right to bitch, moan and protest; all for the sake of protesting because we all know that liberals don’t really stand for a damn thing. And that just don’t sit to well with me.
So, let’s test the hypothesis that extreme liberals hate the Military. I often get the third degree from other conservative bloggers because I read liberal blogs but as the old saying goes, ""keep your friends close, but your enemies closer ? So, I did some research and went to a pretty well know blog where they have "guest bloggers" and found that everything written is challenged with more liberal (oh, pardon me I meant to say) Progressive’s comments thyan they are accepted by conservatives.
So, there you have it. I only spent 20 minutes searching around the Internet and found this. Extreme liberals do hate the Republican party, they hate everything about us. The will never support a Republican President no matter who it might be or what he might stand for. And in turn make disgusting comments, jokes pictures and whatever it takes to destroy what we stand for. After reading some of their ridiculous/uneducated/uninformed and quite blasphemous comments, I came across a site call Where I found this headline:
"Vote Republican - Vote for Pedophiles!" Real nice, isn't it!
It’s quite clear that the owner of this blog is probably 17 or 18 years old, living in Berkeley or Massachusetts somewhere driving a Prius on his/her way to a Cindy Sheehan retreat. I immediately went to Twitter and voiced my opinion about this blog to the world. Maybe no one will read it, since Twitter is full of libs as well, but it sure felt damn good to express myself.
It is alright to be happy; it is alright to be gleeful; it is alright to be giddy; it is even alright to gloat. You guys won, and to celebrate that victory.
But do not allow yourselves to be trapped in that hatred and loathing you clung to for so long. Just ask your mental healthcare professional and they will tell you; it is not healthy. Winning is a joyous occasion, a cause for celebration. Victory was your goal, and you attained that goal. So go ahead, my friends, revel in your triumph; pump your fists up into the air and let out a triumphant growl.
But keep in mind that your success comes with consequences. Some of which you have not had to contend with for quite a while.
With your man in the White House and your party controlling both houses of congress, the onus falls completely on your shoulders now. There will be no Republican bogeyman to pin the blame on. No Republican to make fun ot and to call names. With your candidate’s promise for quick and drastic change, this country will have to see sweeping improvement sooner rather than later. And if it fails to materialize, you are all in for a very grueling four years. As the old adage says, be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. Well, my liberal friends, you have gotten what you wished for, and now you must do something. I know it is tempting to think this will be easy, but as you will soon find out, nothing is easy when half the country disagrees with you. You will be challenged at every turn and every failure you experience will be magnified and picked apart. Your triumphs will be talked about, too, but not nearly as much. You see, it is not our job to extol your successes, but to point out your defects. This should come as no surprise to you since that is what you have all been doing for the past eight years.
Let me remind you of your last heros were Carter and Clinton.
If it were up to me, I'd ban you all from My blog.
Now don’t get me wrong, I would be proud to see a female president, I would be proud to see a black president. But not Obama and not Hillary.
If you’re a Democrat or liberal in your politics, or just plain progressive .... get off my lawn.


  1. Here’s where I stand: if you’re a Democrat or liberal in your politics, or just plain all about America, the land of equality, then you should be straight up tickled pink that you have a woman and a black man as your leading contenders. Mission accomplished as far as getting people through the door that couldn’t get through before. Now pick your candidate on the merits, or on who you feel most comfortable with, or whatever, but the wisest thing to do is let race and gender ultimately cancel each other out and pick the best candidate.

    Now from what I’ve seen, Obama supporters have made the case for Obama based on RACE and NOT on policy or character. He is the natural candidate for the Democratic wing of the Democratic party, for the progressives, for the grassroots, for those who have wanted the Democrats to start representing them instead of signing over integrity to big business and fearmongering. Clinton represents the DLC faction of the party, the corporatist triangulators who run in fear of what meanie Republicans will say about them, who hedge and hem and haw until they sound like Republicans themselves, thinking they can get everybody that way. And what did the Democrat Party get from going down that road? Loss after loss after debilitating loss.
    Like you said, be careful what you wish for.

  2. Liberals are very much like children that never grow up. .... But rather throw insults to everyone that has an opposing view.
    Good blog by the way.

  3. Pretty creative blog here. Like the title and your writing and most important the content. Looks like blogging or going on Twitter may be the only way we can express ourselves if the socialists do the fairness doctrine, but as Rush said we need to go after them and make sure we challenge EVERY arena they are in such as the internet, t.v. etc.. and demand 'fairness'. This will be interesting.

  4. Wow this is a strong post. I am enjoying reading your views on things.
    Really good blog!

  5. Like Rivka said- Fairness Doctrine could be the end of free speech -for Conservatives that is. I mean Liberals have their control over the tv. Which is even supported by the recent stimulus package that includes spending even more money on buying the poor their tvs so they can keep watching good ol' "Fair" media coverage which depicts Conservatives as crazy and stupid. I keep finding NUMEROUS blogs that have been shut down or had their videos taken off of myspace and youtube for their views. Crazy. Great blog.

  6. You good with Libertarians? Conservative leaning...

  7. Thank you...Finally some one speaks out about the obscenity that has been foisted upon us!

  8. You're either a great satirist and all the deluded fools that posted before me have been duped, or you're a sissie that will delete this within seconds of reading it.

  9. lies101 - you are the deluded i mean fool. why would you expect someone to delete your silly comment? it's good to allow a leftard his say - more proof of their asininity.

  10. Hee, hee!! I love this post, Rev.!! Hey, thanks for coming by my blog & for the follow. Keep up the good work!