Friday, February 13, 2009

Obama wants to cut the defense budget by 10%

World War II helped to get us out of a depression, did it not?If yes, then what was the majority of the spending on during that time? Why does Obama want to cut the defense budget by 10% then?


  1. Not to mention the fact that since unemployment is up the number of people signing up for the military is up as well. Leave it to Obama to cut one of the few job creators in a down economy.

  2. Our economy was doing pretty good during the late 80's when Reagan was building up that 600-ship navy and there were a million of us in uniform in Europe alone. Sad to say but peace is economically undesirable because defense is big business....when Clinton started all the RIF's and drawdowns and cutting the fleets down, our global position weakened and terrorism rose, leading to 9-11 and our current econimic downturn. By cutting the defense budget, that funnels more money into the Succubus Package and leftist groups like ACORN and MALDEF.....

  3. Whats interesting is that Obama PROMISED an increase of nearly 80,000 jobs in the military and now he has cut 75,000. Once again- he is proving us right. He is a liar.

    McCain was called a Robot by the Huffington Post in November 08 for saying that Obama secretly wanted to cut military spending. At the time, they jumped all down McCain and Conservatives for being typical Republicans who just jump on Democrats for being anti-Military Defense.