Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama andthe Special Olympics

Sorry, I don’t want my President joshing about the Special Olympics on Leno. I don’t want him on Leno at all in his perpetual PR mode. I don’t want him drawing out his picks for the final four on TV. I don’t want him paid for rewriting/revising/ condensing/whatever his earlier book while he’s supposed to be President, or ribbing Gordon Brown about his tennis game in patronizing fashion, or giving the British a pack of un-viewable DVDs after they, in exchange, offered a tasteful gift of historic importance.
I think there’s something inappropriate in a US president appearing on a late night show. Using a built-in audience to bolster his ratings, and to knock his opponents etc.
There are better things and places where he can be and doing better things for the need of our country.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Who Is Obama? Really!

Obama was created by a corrupt Chicago political machine awash in government funding that was looted from taxpayers.

He was endorsed by a Democratic party that is little more than a collection of ravenous mouths and empty bellies, bereft of a mind.

He was promoted by a media that sells its soul for access, and is concerned on;y with “hyping the gate to generate ticket sales”, (viewership), and the income that that creates.

He was informed by unrepentant radical terrorists, who, in any decent nation, would have been stood against a wall and shot out of hand for their crimes.

He was sponsored by petty criminals who figured out that there is no end to the swag when they partner with the government.

He was inspired by a racist and anti-American cult “preacher” who provided him with every rationalization imaginable to view American society as actively unjust and oppressive.

He was educated by an academia that is, like the Chicago political machine, corrupt and awash in federal subsidies, and that endeavors to produce only that which will result in more of other people’s money flowing into it’s ravenous maw.

He was raised by grandparents who saw their daughter reject everything about their Kansas lifestyle…including maternal responsibility.

He was abandoned by a father for whom he apparently was not much more than a spurt of seminal fluid that occurred while he was enjoying the largesse of the American taxpayer via an exchange student program.

He was conceived by two people in a fit of lust whose relationship lasted no longer than an average television sit-com.

What, in these factual points about Obama’s life, could POSSIBLY be remotely construed as symptoms of Conservationism?

Barack Obama is the perfect example of a Marxist Leftist.

And while we did not create him, the catastrophic failure of his policies may yet save us, and vindicate, in very harsh ways, the timeless values that is the core of Conservativism. Liberals are doing their best to destroy the middle class.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blacks are cowards too!

Eric Holder is catching flak for saying during Black History Month that on matters of race, the United States is "essentially a nation of cowards" in too many ways. Holder, the first black to head the Justice Department, is absolutely right.

Based on responses to his remarks, most people assume that the "cowards" Holder refers to are white Americans. Most blacks are cheering the attorney general for his forthrightness, and many whites, especially conservatives, are angry and resentful. Still others are just plain surprised by the audacity of the observation after millions of white people voted to elect the nation's first black president.

Democrats are the true evil for blacks.Democrats have never done anything for black people except promise them a free ride for there vote.Once democrats have that vote, they do nothing for blacks.Whitey is not keeping the black man down, the democrats are.

Eric Holder will NEVER ask the black community to take responsibility. Our nation had slavery for 89 years. PERIOD. That's probably a record for brevity of that most heinous institution. Look for the answers within, stop blaming me and mine.

Start with the clownish buffoons like Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton, and the other phonies that are rolled out as the Black leadership?

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Fairness Doctrine

Obama is on his personally-charted narcissistic course to be Dictator of the United States of America. Would he and complicit Democrats behave any differently than if he really were a Dictator?

If you think this is a bit hysterical, take another look. When he campaigned, he telegraphed every intention he had: redistribution of wealth (socialism), nationalized health "care" (an oxymoron if ever there was one), the nationalization of every possible facet of society (banks, lending institutions, schools) and of the private sector, "energy" revamping which will regulate businesses dry,and above all, the confiscation of guns and the silencing of dissent (read back-door entre` to fairness doctrine).

What hasn't yet happened from the above, will and soon. And there is more: Obama wants control of the media, a private "security force", the elimination of school-choice, totally unencumbered abortions, at any stage of pregnancy and so on.
While I'm not yet convinced that President Obama is even smart enough to be driving this lunacy, I am completely confident that the power-mad Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Kennedy, Dodd and Schumer know EXACTLY what they are trying to do...
Next, the pulpits will be silenced because of what the Democrat Party determines is "hate speech.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spike Lee calls for Post boycott over the Post cartoon

Spike Lee says. The ''Do the Right Thing'' director said at a New York protest Friday that athletes and entertainers should join the boycott and not let the newspaper off the hook for the cartoon protesters contend compared U.S. President Barack Obama with a crazed chimp.
Has Spike Lee ever been anything but a racist himself? This is the same Spike Lee who protested the racist cartoons of George Bush and Condi Rice? Humm, I don't seem to remember him protesting then! So why are Spike Lee and Al Sharpton so thin-skinned about a third rate cartoon showing a chimp and reference to a lot of stupid ideas signed into law by the new president? Spike and his pals will be boycotting anything and everything except what they produce themselves!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama's victory on the stimulus package

But was it a Victory? And if it was so urgent that this bill be passed without anyone getting a chance to read it… why is Chairman Zero taking yet another weekend vacation and not signing the horrible bill until Tuesday of next week? Huh?
Why is it that stimulus has never worked, and tax/spending cutting has always worked, and our fearless leaders still keep coming back to stimulus?
That's an easy question.
Economic theory says that stimulus works while cutting spending cannot work, while there's no coherent economic theory that claims the other way.
And economic data shows that stimulus works while cutting spending deepens recessions.
That's why.
Watching the democrats congratulate each other for passing this spending package, I was reminded of their glee after they passed the first TARP.
They obviously haven't learned much.
Obama may never really get it right given the bunch dumb people he has to rely on

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Liberials, Do not let this country down!

Liberals, Progressive’s, Democrats, Obama Worshipers, Pelosi Porkers, Reid Morons and the rest! Get your "liberal" rhetoric off my blog.
My comments usually piss off all liberals, some bloggers even call their blogs CONSERVATIVE BLOGS yet they are read and have a overwhelming amout of extreme liberals ranting and raving all over the place. The fact is that our brave men and women in uniform are not only kicking ass and taking names; but also dying on foreign land, thousands of miles away from their homes, so that these misguided liberals can exercise their constitutionally protected right to bitch, moan and protest; all for the sake of protesting because we all know that liberals don’t really stand for a damn thing. And that just don’t sit to well with me.
So, let’s test the hypothesis that extreme liberals hate the Military. I often get the third degree from other conservative bloggers because I read liberal blogs but as the old saying goes, ""keep your friends close, but your enemies closer ? So, I did some research and went to a pretty well know blog where they have "guest bloggers" and found that everything written is challenged with more liberal (oh, pardon me I meant to say) Progressive’s comments thyan they are accepted by conservatives.
So, there you have it. I only spent 20 minutes searching around the Internet and found this. Extreme liberals do hate the Republican party, they hate everything about us. The will never support a Republican President no matter who it might be or what he might stand for. And in turn make disgusting comments, jokes pictures and whatever it takes to destroy what we stand for. After reading some of their ridiculous/uneducated/uninformed and quite blasphemous comments, I came across a site call BushSucks.com Where I found this headline:
"Vote Republican - Vote for Pedophiles!" Real nice, isn't it!
It’s quite clear that the owner of this blog is probably 17 or 18 years old, living in Berkeley or Massachusetts somewhere driving a Prius on his/her way to a Cindy Sheehan retreat. I immediately went to Twitter and voiced my opinion about this blog to the world. Maybe no one will read it, since Twitter is full of libs as well, but it sure felt damn good to express myself.
It is alright to be happy; it is alright to be gleeful; it is alright to be giddy; it is even alright to gloat. You guys won, and to celebrate that victory.
But do not allow yourselves to be trapped in that hatred and loathing you clung to for so long. Just ask your mental healthcare professional and they will tell you; it is not healthy. Winning is a joyous occasion, a cause for celebration. Victory was your goal, and you attained that goal. So go ahead, my friends, revel in your triumph; pump your fists up into the air and let out a triumphant growl.
But keep in mind that your success comes with consequences. Some of which you have not had to contend with for quite a while.
With your man in the White House and your party controlling both houses of congress, the onus falls completely on your shoulders now. There will be no Republican bogeyman to pin the blame on. No Republican to make fun ot and to call names. With your candidate’s promise for quick and drastic change, this country will have to see sweeping improvement sooner rather than later. And if it fails to materialize, you are all in for a very grueling four years. As the old adage says, be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. Well, my liberal friends, you have gotten what you wished for, and now you must do something. I know it is tempting to think this will be easy, but as you will soon find out, nothing is easy when half the country disagrees with you. You will be challenged at every turn and every failure you experience will be magnified and picked apart. Your triumphs will be talked about, too, but not nearly as much. You see, it is not our job to extol your successes, but to point out your defects. This should come as no surprise to you since that is what you have all been doing for the past eight years.
Let me remind you of your last heros were Carter and Clinton.
If it were up to me, I'd ban you all from My blog.
Now don’t get me wrong, I would be proud to see a female president, I would be proud to see a black president. But not Obama and not Hillary.
If you’re a Democrat or liberal in your politics, or just plain progressive .... get off my lawn.