Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama andthe Special Olympics

Sorry, I don’t want my President joshing about the Special Olympics on Leno. I don’t want him on Leno at all in his perpetual PR mode. I don’t want him drawing out his picks for the final four on TV. I don’t want him paid for rewriting/revising/ condensing/whatever his earlier book while he’s supposed to be President, or ribbing Gordon Brown about his tennis game in patronizing fashion, or giving the British a pack of un-viewable DVDs after they, in exchange, offered a tasteful gift of historic importance.
I think there’s something inappropriate in a US president appearing on a late night show. Using a built-in audience to bolster his ratings, and to knock his opponents etc.
There are better things and places where he can be and doing better things for the need of our country.


  1. Amen, amen, amen...

    And then on 60 minutes guffawing & fiddling while Rome burns...

  2. Hope....Change....Yes, we can...blah blah blah. When the hell does he find time to be President in between PR gigs? Oh, wait...he doesn't. At least he wasn't on Letterman; that flaming Liberal never missed a chance to slam on Bush/the Right, and continues to do so.

  3. Drink the Kool-Aid of Conservatism.

  4. I wish his advisors would advise him to pack the tele-prompter next time! This was so wrong on so many levels! Sad!!!

  5. Hey Sleuthy baby why don't you get a real life?