Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blacks are cowards too!

Eric Holder is catching flak for saying during Black History Month that on matters of race, the United States is "essentially a nation of cowards" in too many ways. Holder, the first black to head the Justice Department, is absolutely right.

Based on responses to his remarks, most people assume that the "cowards" Holder refers to are white Americans. Most blacks are cheering the attorney general for his forthrightness, and many whites, especially conservatives, are angry and resentful. Still others are just plain surprised by the audacity of the observation after millions of white people voted to elect the nation's first black president.

Democrats are the true evil for blacks.Democrats have never done anything for black people except promise them a free ride for there vote.Once democrats have that vote, they do nothing for blacks.Whitey is not keeping the black man down, the democrats are.

Eric Holder will NEVER ask the black community to take responsibility. Our nation had slavery for 89 years. PERIOD. That's probably a record for brevity of that most heinous institution. Look for the answers within, stop blaming me and mine.

Start with the clownish buffoons like Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton, and the other phonies that are rolled out as the Black leadership?


  1. What amazes me is, if blacks in American did their history they would know Republicans have removes more out their way for them to be successful than any other party. Democrats, on the other hand, have enslaved them,put obstacles in their way of freedom,liberty,and the pursuit of haplessness,and made them depended on the government, via welfare.

    Perhaps this is why they don't raise the standard of education in urban schools, so these little facts never be known to them.

    Facts like how, Theodor Roosevelt tried to integrate the military in 1901,Eisenhower did integrate both the military and schools, Lincoln freed the slaves and tried to give some sort of reparations, via the 40 acres and mule.

  2. All very true points. I think blacks are cowards for not standing up to Jessie Jackson and other black leaders who have held them back. If you get a chance read Booker T. Washington's Up From Slavery and W.E.B. Du Bois The Souls of Black Folk. After you read it, ask yourself which was a better path for blacks? You will see where the problems of today started.