Friday, February 13, 2009

House Approves Stimulus With No Republican Support

The House approved a $787 billion economic stimulus package Friday afternoon, with Democrats successfully promoting it as a boost for middle-class Americans and Republicans countering in vain that it will only stimulate wasteful government spending. The vote was 246 to 183, reflecting the Democrats’ considerable majority in the House and the Republicans’ deep dissatisfaction with the measure.
How can America vote to spend this much money, and effect generations to come without even ONE of them READING the bill???
No member of Congress actually had a copy of the Bill.
The bill is not only a disgrace, but quite possibly an economic catastrophe, and Snow, Collins and Specter should be vilified for supporting it. Seven Democrats had the patriotism to oppose the bill, along with every single Republican in the House. The three Republican senators are willing to see America and American values and fundamental principles undone. They are traitors, nothing less: Traitors...It's all over my friends, OVER!


  1. The only,and I mean only good thing is, every single republican and seven dems voted against it. Giving complete ownership to Harry Reid and the liberals in the House. The same hopefully happens in the Senate as well.

    Given, Olympia Snow,Susan Collins,and Arlen Specter miraculously grow a spin and ACT(for that is all they can do)like conservatives for a change.

  2. "Traitors" is right. But, I'm sure they got their pork and, hey, Arlen got a $100 lb steak at the president's Super Bowl party, Arlen, I guess it was well worth it.


  3. I have a feeling the next Congressional election will bring a little 'change'... If we're still having elections by then, that is.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my site. In my mind, no Republicans voted for the measure, House or Senate.

  5. Glad to see you following my blog, and thanks for stopping by. Hope to see there often.

    Yes, America is in a stinking mess and I don't know if there will be much to left to save in four years.

    What really frightens me is the fact that so many people voted for a complete unknown who lacks any meaningful experience, and who may not even be Constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president. But I suppose it isn't much different from so many of our lawmakers voting for legislation that they don't even know what is in it. The three so-called Republicans that supported the Porkulus bill are RINOS and traitors.

    Sadly, the inmates of the Asylum are leading America to her doom.

  6. P.S.

    I am a real Reverend (Orthodox Catholic)but I don't play one on TV.

  7. I never thought the United States of America would run an "on-the-job" training program for it's President and most of the cabinet. How STUPID can the population be? Pretty damned stupid I'd say. We have to start RIGHT NOW planning to win a BUNCH of seats in 2010. We might be able to weather 2 years of this idiocy, but we will never survive 4 years of it.

  8. common sense is completely missing from Washington...stay well....

  9. I am curious as to why you are following my blog..(though I am flattered at the same time.)I would love to know what interests you about it? I should probably follow your blog as well, as to be fully well rounded one should look at all sides of an issue...even if the words "Republican" "Conservative" and "Rightwing" makes my skin crawl a bit..But hey, I need to open my world a bit...think I will follow your blog

  10. LOL @ the comment from Nicole.
    I like your blog, but I about had heart palpitations when I saw my newest follower was that asshole anti-American foul mouthed fool rev.... I could go on and on. Glad you're not really him. Lord amighty I would have ripped you a new one if I thought you really were him following my little blog.