Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White House Takeover Of U.S. Census Bureau

Washington, Feb 6 - House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement regarding reports that control of the U.S. Census Bureau will be stripped from the Department of Commerce and placed with the White House staff: “I am disturbed by reports that control of the traditionally nonpartisan Census Bureau is being stripped from the Commerce Department and placed with the White House staff. This action appears to be motivated by politics, rather than the interests of our country, and the burden will be on the new administration to prove otherwise during Senator Gregg’s confirmation hearings. The United States Census should remain independent of politics; it should not be directed by political operatives working out of the White House.”
This may give a clue as to why he's doing this:"Obama’s tone in the campaign comes off as condescending by many (“I gave up a career with a high-priced law firm to run for public office”), and he loses the primary to opponent Bobby Rush, who defeats him by 30 per cent; Rush describes Obama as an “educated fool” and an “elitist,” who “read about the civil rights protests and thinks he knows all about it;” Obama talked a good game but had never accomplished anything. Obama reviews the demographics of his loss and works with Democrat consultant John Corrigan to get the district’s borders re-drawn (“gerrymandered’) to favor his political goals; they establish a new district that is still heavily black, but which also includes liberal North Shore whites who would be more inclined to vote for Obama than Rush (a former member of the radical Black Panthers). Obama acquaintance and political scientist Adolph Green, of the University of Pennsylvania, later calls Obama a “vacuous opportunist, a good performer with an ear for how to make white liberals like him.”
Welcome to the USSA ( United Socialist States of America).Never thought I would see the day

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